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Maintenance of our products is an effortless job because of the high-grade material used and the finishing that barely catches any stain. We provide you with all the general instructions and products you need to maintain your furniture for a longer time. 



We manufacture all the designs already present in our basket along with according to your demands. Allied design studio is a prosperous name in the market due to its quality, service, and dedicated designers that are always striving to bring something new onto the table.



We have the capabilities and flexibility to handle your requirements & we feel like few designs may lead to compromise with your desires and satisfaction. We also have the facility to manufacture furniture according your demands such as colour, woods, comfort level, and within your budget. Our designers understand your needs including the accommodation of furniture, maintenance, designs etc.

About Us

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For over 10 years, Mahalaxmi art, has been focusing on Manufacturing Furniture, Design and Decoration of homes and offices. Our well manufacturing of bedroom, dining, sofa etc. will add luxury and comfort to every room in any home. "Mahalaxmi Art’s ".

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